June 21, 2015

My Instagrammed Life

Happy Father's Day my love! I am so amazingly blessed to not only have you as my best friend and husband but you are the most wonderful father to our girls. You give such great advice, share your thoughts and opinions while still allowing them room to make their decisions, you help them through homework even while traveling, you share your knowledge about boys and what they think and how they act. You give them such good self-confidence and are creating strong women. They know what love is and how a man treats the women in his life by showing them. You build them up with love and they are growing up not only with your advice but also, even more importantly, your example. Thank you for all the love you give us girls. I can't imagine a better life than what we have right here!! I love you!! #ahappyfitlife via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

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