July 10, 2015

My Instagrammed Life

I was thinking about this today when I saw a few posts about drops and drinks and wraps, a ton of "magic and miracles"....then I came across this from Chalene and just had to share it with you too. She sums up exactly what I was thinking just perfectly! You won't go up and down in your weight, you won't be hungry, no more roller coaster and no more diet! You can enjoy all the things you love if you incorporate changes that fit into your lifestyle. "You and I both know that most view dieting as a temporary fix. Most of you reading this are either coming off a diet, are on a diet, or are in the pursuit of the next diet to be on. And that’s the truth. We all want a quick fix for weight loss. My hope is that you’ll realize that it’s SO much more important to have a diet that you live on… that you create a lifestyle around. Eat in a way that is maintainable for you and for your goals. I love my body, and I want you to love yours! If you do want to lose weight, then do it in a way that isn’t temporary, because a quick temporary fix will leave you depressed when you fall off and gain the weight back. So go the route that allows you to maintain your progress and be happy! If you want a quick fix, I'm not your girl!" ~Chalene Johnson I AM your girl if you want to change your lifestyle!! You know how to reach me! #ahappyfitlife via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

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