August 16, 2015

My Instagrammed Life

We have needed this rejuvenating weekend! Pretty much just stayed really close to home. Had lots of time with the girls. We slept in, did things around the house and yard, watched the Seahawks and movies at home, planned out the painting and redecorating of the girls bedrooms, dreamed, visualized and "Pinterested" our home remodel (someday), walked around the Old Cannery, went out for ice cream and tried out a new pizza place. Just hanging out and doing whatever we felt was the first weekend in a long while that we didn't have anything we had to do or had anywhere to be. It was glorious!! Counting the many blessings in my life tonight! Thankful for the life we have been given and have worked so hard to keep going strong. It's certainly far from perfect, but it's perfect for us!! Loved this weekend!! Happy Sunday night!! #ahappyfitlife via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

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