December 29, 2015

My Instagrammed Life

Alrighty....Christmas is in the books and 2016 is coming right up! I know that many of you are or will be (in a couple of days) looking to make some health and fitness related resolutions or goals. We will very quickly be bombarded with options for diets, workouts, gym membership, fads, etc so where do you begin? . Stop, take a deap breath, relax and let's chat. No wraps, no fat blockers, no patches, no pills, no starving. . Eat right Exercise Get super nutrition Be fit for life . And that right there is my secret. That's all you need to do. Stop starting over or giving in to every quick fix on the market. Do things the right way this year. You can make significant, lifelong changes in only 21 days....form new habits that last a lifetime not just right now. . No you don't have to give up your pasta and carbs, no you don't have to exercise all day, no you don't have to look super cute and and get in the car and drive to the gym, yes you can have treats (even wine), yes you can just wake up throw something on that doesn't match and workout at home, and yes you will get results. Yes, you'll create a new lifestyle of health and fitness and yes you'll create a new you. . Are you ready? There's some fabulous challenge packs on sale this month from the 21 Day Fix to the brand spanking new Hammer & Chisel that I'll be doing with my hubby plus so many others that are available where the commitment to exercise is only 25 minutes per day! Comment below or send me a message and let's get it going! You deserve to make this your year. The year you get back control of your health and fitness. #ahappyfitlife via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

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