June 19, 2016

My Instagrammed Life

TGIF!!! This is absolutely why I do this "Beachbody thing." This makes me so happy and in tears to be able to play a small role in changing someone's life! Heather is a busy mom and, like so many of us, she put herself on the back burner for too long. Heather took a chance one day and contacted me and she hasn't looked back since. She has taken her life back and she's making her life better not only for her but also for her family. Seeing this note from her first thing this morning just made me so happy and so very proud!!! Heather this made my entire week!! Thank you so much for doing all the hard work for getting you to this place of feeling healthier and fit!!! You do it all, I'm just there for support and motivation. I've told you many, many times how proud I am of you and continue to be. I offer up new challenges and you are always the first to say "I'm in!" I love your inspiration, dedication and consistency. You are putting your health and fitness as a priority in your life and it's showing. What a victory for you! P.S. - You will be an absolutely amazing coach!! Just sayin! :) #ahappyfitlife #takeyourlifeback #thisiswhyIcoach via Instagram: @chrissymartinez

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