August 20, 2015

Want to try out my secret weapon?

This is my secret weapon, my awesome sauce that I have every single day.  Shakeology truly has changed me. This is the stuff that keeps my cravings at bay, keeps my belly bloat down, keeps me filled daily with the best nutrients and superfoods out there, keeps me healthy (I'm hardly ever sick anymore), keeps my energy up, keeps me "regular" if you know what I mean, and so many other things that I could fill this page up with.  I know if I have missed a day because I just don't feel like myself.  

I have a brand new stash of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry Shakeology packets and I'd love to get some out to you to try.  I totally understand wanting to give it a test drive.  Contact me and I'll get some out to you!!  I send out a 5 day trial pack for $27 (via PayPal) which includes shipping. This gives you the opportunity to try the 3 most popular flavors before you invest in a full 30 day supply.  I will send you some great recipes to try these flavors out with too.

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