October 2, 2015

Fit Couple Challenge

My hubby and I were working out one night together and I had an "aha" moment.  I thought it would be super fun to do a fitness/nutrition challenge with other couples. 

It's often really hard to stay on top of your fitness and nutrition goals or even start a new routine if your spouse/significant other is not on board with you. They may not be supportive at all, or they may be totally supportive of you but just not all into what you are up to.  It's hard to cook separate meals, it's hard to get that workout in if they are doing something else or you feel guilty for spending 30 minutes or so of time on yourself while you know the kids need their homework checked and dinner needs to be made and you normally watch a TV show together on the couch eating popcorn.  Habits are hard to change no matter what, but if you are feeling guilty and your favorite other half isn't on board it's so easy for it to slide and then take the back seat only fitting it in when you have time, etc.

So....how about we do a 30 day challenge with them?  Let's not fight that excuse, let's make it our reason!  There's a ton of benefits of working out together.

Here are a few fabulous reasons you should workout together.

Quality Time. We all have crazy busy schedules even if you don't have kids.  Add the kids and you make it even crazier!  It’s hard to find time to be together! Make the time and sweat together and cook and prep meals together.  

Common Interests. You can never have enough things you do together. It's so important, especially if you have children, to have things that just you and your spouse do together. 

Motivation & Support. If you both make fitness a priority you can motivate and support each other even if you don't workout at the same time together.  You give each other the time you both need to get that workout in.  Tag team taking care of the kiddos while the other works out, make sure they get out of bed early in the morning if they said that's what they wanted to do, check in with one another after you did your workout, call or text each other to check in on their workout or what they are having for lunch.  It's another level of support and love you can show one another. 

Balance.  If one of you is really into cardio and the other prefers weights pairing up and helping the other out is a great way to help balance out your workouts.

Exercise flushes cortisol.  Cortisol is the “fight or flight” hormone that lead us towards grumpiness, irritability, etc. Workout together and you’ll both be much calmer and less likely to be grumpy with one another.

You’ll have fun.  Working out with your love gives you something to talk about. “Hey, did you see I increased my weights today?”  “You totally rocked out those burpees!”  My hubby and I have a few laughs at the people on the DVD's from their facial expressions or noticing that a couple of the guys really should be wearing more "supportive" undies!  LOL!

It will make you sexier.  Let’s be totally honest. Seeing your man all hot and sweaty, pumping those weights or doing a zillion pull ups or push up is HOT!!  It’s also fun to flirt and smile and stand in front of him while touching your toes (stretching of course!). And yes, this leads to more sexy time later.  Fit people are happier! Sweating together gives you both that endorphin rush, seeing one another working so hard and sweating can be super sexy!!  Wink Wink!!

Exercise leads to healthy eating.  If you sweat together, you’re not going to waste the effort on fettuccini alfredo and french bread after. Prepping and cooking meals together is fun, you try new things together and you can even get the kiddos involved in this too.  Change everyone's nutrition.  Win Win!

You’ll be a great example. Making fitness and nutrition a priority is a great example to your kids. They learn more from your actions than just from your words.  Make it fun and include them too.  Do things outside together, dance around the house, go for a bike ride.  Include them too for family fitness day.

Friendly competition can be healthy.  Friendly competition is a great way keep the sparks flying. A sit up contest will lead to six pack abs and a little fun.  Kiss and high five after your tough workout. 

Increase your chances for success.  Couples that workout together are 34% more likely to stick to their workouts.

So are you ready to join me and my hubby?  We'll have lots of fun too.  We'll do some fun challenges along the way.  We'll not only work on our nutrition and fitness, but we'll work on strengthening our relationships too by having fun together.

RSVP here and join us! Contact me here if you have any questions.

~Christina and Edde

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