July 15, 2016

My Ultimate Reset final results, what I learned and my before and after pics!! (I can't even believe them myself!)

Oh boy.....I hesitated putting these pics up.  It's not easy being totally vulnerable, putting yourself out there and letting the world know just how much you had let yourself go.  But I'm doing it because I want to show you that I'm real, I'm human and we all have our ups and downs with our fitness and nutrition.  Yes, I'm a Beachbody Coach and I help motivate and inspire others to change their life, but I too get caught up in life and I can fall off track too.  It happens to everyone.

I had gotten not only off track, but the train left the station and derailed.  It was bad, really, really bad.  I was still working out, but I knew that because my nutrition and my eating habits were so far off, the workouts felt pointless.  I was in a downward spiral big time.  

I was feeling sad, depressed, my emotions were kind of all over the place.  I was tired all the time, I was breaking out, I had an upset stomach a lot, I had gas, I had a TON of bloating (I constantly looked like I was 4 months pregnant), I wasn't "regular."  Because I was feeling like total crap, I would eat to feel better.  I would have a glass of wine or two, sometimes three to feel better.  And you know what happens after you have a drink, you reach for even more crap because it's easier to talk yourself into it.  I started to not really care.  I can feel better.  I know what my body can do.  I know what my body can look like and feel like. 

But I was feeling angry at myself.  I had let myself go and was feeling like a frumpy 44 year old.  None of my clothes were fitting.  Everything was getting tighter.  That made me feel even worse about myself.  I'd make some changes here and there.  I'd change up my workout routine, I'd eat a bit better, but I never really went 100% all in. I kinda sort did it.  Kinda sorta doesn't produce results.

I was feeling like a total fraud.  I talked the talk to my challengers and customers.  I'd motivate and inspire them to do all the things I was not even willing to do myself!!  

I decided enough was enough. I had been toying with the idea of doing the 21 Day Ultimate Reset for quite some time and always told myself there was no way I could do it and why would I want to do it anyway?  I did more research, 2 people that I know well were doing it and posting their journey.  As I watched them, listened to their journey and saw their results I just had to do it.  What's the worst that could happen?  My body was toxic, I had to break the many bad habits I had gotten myself into and I had to be serious, focused and intentional to do it.

I am so freaking glad I did it.  Was it hard?  Yes and No.  It was hard because it's summer and we are social people.  It was over the 4th of July weekend and we had parties to go to.  It was hard to not have all the delish food everyone else was having.  It was even harder to not have wine or a cocktail.  You see I'm very, very introverted.  It is very challenging for me to be in big social gatherings in the first place and without a cocktail or two to relax me and help me be chatty it was harder.  I even had a friend text me the day after a party to make sure I was okay because I seemed down at the party.  I wasn't down at all....actually feeling quite great but I'm way less social when I can't hang out around the food table or have that drink to help me be more sociable.  This is absolutely something I must work on!!  I shouldn't need food or alcohol to be sociable!  That's just ridiculous!!

I learned so much about my eating habits.  Before the Reset I was eating to eat. I wasn't hungry but just felt like eating.  I snacked on crap.  Even a Cheez-It
here or chips there add up.  I was horribly dehydrated.  The amount of water I drank while on the Reset was more than I ever drank and it made me feel so good.  I am still drinking a ton of water and I'm so glad I got that habit back.  Whenever I feel hungry now, I think about how much water I've had and now I know I'm just thirsty instead of hungry.

I now reach for an apple as a snack. I have veggies cut up in the fridge that I reach for.  I crave these things.  I missed chicken a lot!  I was totally satisfied with good, whole food not crap!  Filling my fridge with fresh produce till it busting out the seams makes me feel so happy.  My girls are eating better because all this food is in the fridge and ready to go.  I don't miss the crap at all because I know it will make me feel like crap.

I slept amazing!  I woke up alert, clear headed, full of energy, no headache or groggyness.  Totally focused  on the day ahead.  I am not tired at all.  I sleep great, wake up refreshed and just repeat!  I have more energy for my workout than ever before. I am seeing results so much faster due to the good, clean food I'm having.  My body is so much more efficient and works at changing my body, leaning me out and giving me results because I'm fueling my body for the workouts.  

I felt so much more in control of the day by prepping all my food and having it ready.  Nothing was going to be by chance.  I never had to stop for something quick and not healthy because I wasn't prepared.  Being prepared for all circumstances is the key. Making good, healthy food as quick and easy to grab as crap is really changed me.  I knew this of course, but making it happen every day for 21 days just drove the message home even more.

My body really needed this detox.  I ate a TON of food.  I was so full every day.  The recipes were simple and easy and so good!  The supplements probably helped with that but it was also the quality of the food I was eating.  You can eat a ton of food if it's whole food.  Crap may fill you up for a bit but you are right back at it a few hours later.  I cooked a lot.  I was prepping food a lot.  I was in the kitchen all the time.  That got a little old but by the end I was getting better. I was prepping for more days in advance than just that day.  I liked so many of the recipes.  There are so many that I will continue to eat forever. I made soup and I've never made soup!  Delish soup too!!

Alright so you made it all the way towards the end so you want to know the results right?  Okay, okay....I want to preface my results with a few things.  

1) I didn't eat ALL the food each day.  Why?  I was full.  Probably not what I was supposed to do.  They are put together for a reason, you eat these things to fuel your body and help get rid of toxins so by not eating it all I may have hindered a few results. 

2) You are not supposed to work out at all during the Reset.  You are only supposed to walk or do yoga.  Well.....I couldn't do that.  I felt so freaking amazing and had so much energy I just couldn't waste it.  So I continued my workouts....Insanity, lifting weights, group fitness classes.  The reason you are not supposed to workout is because your body works to repair your muscles and puts all its energy on recovering from the workout instead of detoxifying your body.  

3) I did have a couple of cheats. I had to have some tastes of some food and I had 2 small glasses of wine in the 21 days.  One time I ate meat when I wasn't supposed to.  You know how I felt after I had those little cheats?  Like total crap!  My stomach hurt, I bloated back up instantly.  It is no longer worth it to me to feel like that. I now know and understand completely how food is supposed to make you feel.  It energizes you and gives you fuel!!

But I still had amazing results for me.  I lost 8 pounds and 8.5 inches.  5.5 inches off my waist alone!!

I didn't do this just for weight loss.  It's nice but I did it to get back in control.  To detox, clean myself out and feel better.  I had lost all control over my nutrition.  I have it back now.  I feel so amazingly good.  I'm just eating clean now.  Have the occasional glass of wine, have tastes of things but I'm back to feeling more like me again.  I had totally lost myself and I'm back baby!!  Not having control over myself was the worst feeling.  I still have a ways to go, but now I will be making my changes faster because my mindset is right again.  I'm making better choices, I no longer crave sugar and carbs like I did before.  I crave fruit and veggies like crazy now.  I make better choices because they make me feel better!

Would I do this again?  Yes I would absolutely do this again.  I think that I should do this at least once a year for a tune-up!

Want to try it?  I can help you! It's not as hard as you might think.  :)

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~Christina Martinez

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